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Top 5 Magic Making Moments from ISTE 2014

Duplicating an amazing event is often impossible; so I attended this year's ISTE convention with high hopes, but was totally prepared to be somewhat disappointed. Last year's ISTE convention was phenomenal, and I felt like I'd discovered the secret wardrobe into a mystical world full of excitement, opportunity, and ideas... for all intents and purposes, it was my Narnia.

So for this year's ISTE, I had to be prepared. If you know me at all, it should come as no surprise that I bought a composition book (to appease my love affair with paper) and divided it into different sections. (Yes, I am well-aware there are many great apps and platforms for this... but the physical act of writing calms I go with it.) In my little ISTE Convention 2014 Book, I had a section with a quick sketched outline of the days I'd be there, along with any sessions I'd heard people talking about that sounded extremely interesting, as well as the BYOD sessions I'd pre-registered …