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On the Fence About Reading Logs... but Why I Lean Toward "Like"

Over the last year I have read many books and blog posts concerning Reading Logs... most of which frown upon this practice; so I found myself torn as I decided to try them out amidst all the negative hype. The Reading Log I decided to try simply has the title of the book students are reading and a place for parents to initial. There are no columns for "start page" or "end page" or "how much time you read." I just basically wanted a "what are you reading?" page that was turned in once a week for me to check...but still... I almost felt as if I was doing something counterintuitive to the kind of reading teacher I wanted to be. And while no- I was NOT trying to be the Reading Police, and YES- I DO want to encourage a wide variety of reading, I felt implementing a read log could be multifaceted for several things I was needing:

Student accountability for what they were really reading: Even though we regularly share book titles with one another, discu…