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What's Your One Word?

Each year at our Back-to-School Celebration for our campus we are always challenged and inspired to dream big for the upcoming school year. This year our principal at the time, Mrs. Dickerson, asked us to think of one word that we hoped to embody this school year. One word that meant something to us. One word that evoked emotion and "umph" for a better lack of word. 

I thought a great deal about my word. If you know me well, you know I tend to live in the future... always thinking ahead to what tomorrow will hold- even though everyone, even the Lord, tells me NOT to do this. That being said, the moment of today is often missed and while I enjoy the moment of NOW, I don't always embrace it as I should. Sometimes I am already thinking ahead to "if this...then that" scenarios and trying to trouble shoot. I guess I am a problem solver by nature. So my word for this year became "Enjoy."
To me, Enjoy meant to enjoy the moment. To live in the present, to embra…

Global Read Aloud- Full Circle Game Changer

Have you thought about what your game-changer has been this school year? 

Last summer I stumbled upon the ISTE convention not really knowing at all what I was in store for, but was hooked immediately. The people, the ideas, the sessions, the tweets, the blogs... this frenzied, super-charged mix of excitement and passion- all in the name of education. I listened to numerous speakers and leaders in our field talk about global collaboration- to think beyond the four walls of your school. I started to think about what this meant for me as a 5th grade teacher in a small Texas town and how I could bring this idea into my ELA classroom. Enter stage right- The Global Read Aloud

Several fellow ELA teachers I followed and learn from on Twitter mentioned #GRA so I decided to check it out. Totally unsure what it even entailed or if I would be able to really pull off this idea of connecting globally with other classes, I jumped off my side of the mountain (metaphorically speaking, of course... ha…

Fluency Finder- Great App (IOS) for Rdg Data

Since I'm always on the lookout for great apps to make my life a little less hectic as a reading teacher, I was excited when Fluency Finder was suggested by a Twitter friend. I was excited to try it out. With Fluency Finder, you're able to probe a large number of students in a smaller amount of time due to the fact that the app does most of the work for you. I found it to be very user friendly and easy to operate. The directions for using the app are short, simple, and to the point. I know many teachers are asked to monitor their entire classes' progress throughout the school year, and with this app, you would be able to with less worry that it will take multiple days to do, plus I liked the fact that the data is all in the same place and accessible anytime you need it. 

While I'm fortunate enough that our classes are progress monitored by our Accelerated Reading Instructors, I do still work with small groups of students who are actively trying to improve their fluency.…