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Are you Doing It? #reg5chat

You can do it on the couch. You can do it on your phone. You can do it in the car*. You can do it while you gaze at stars.
You can do it before bed. “You can do it! Yes!” I said. You can do it- this Thursday. 8-9 without delay. Region 5 to Zimbabwe.
Are you doing it?

*(passenger side only)

Making Appointments- a collaboration strategy

Autonomy and collaboration are two buzz words you hear often right now in the realms of education chatter. And for those days when collaboration means within our own classroom, it seems like this is the day autonomy needs to be focused on the most. I can take the same two students and match them up to work as partners, who would have normally joined up anyway- but there is something about the teacher doing the matching that often times sets things on a bad foot right away. I noticed this when school first started. I would watch the groups and partners gather in clusters when I simply said for them to partner up- versus watching their reactions when I actually called them out, putting them in very similar groupings. There is something to be said for students feeling like they have a say in who they work with. I guess we are no different as adults.

I saw a strategy at a workshop last year called "Making Appointments" that I envisioned as a complete train wreck, but one day last…