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Mom of a Sped Student: Impossible vs. Reality

Soon it will be annual ARD time and since I teach 5th grade, for many students, it will be the first time anyone has ever asked the special needs students what they plan to do with their life upon graduation from High School. For many- having no initial idea as to why they are being called upon to a meeting of many teachers, other professionals, and their parents (as friendly and supportive as these faces may be)—I would think it could be a little intimidating. And yet… it is always my favorite part of an ARD. I love seeing the expression on their faces as they grapple with the fact that someone is asking them their plans of a future… to be prosperous… and full of possibility. It’s almost as if in that tiny moment of time- you see the student’s recognition that their life, their future-- is being validated; bursting with possibility.The part that comes next is the part I have always feared. Not as a teacher, but as a mom knowing that one day I would be asked the same question next- “W…