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My One Request

If I could make one request for my child's teacher it would be- know my child. Know my child as well as you know your own. Be familiar with his background; where we've been and where we've worked so hard to get to. When his file is dropped in your mailbox and his name appears on your roster, don't write him off as a student with special needs or see the task ahead of you as insurmountable. But instead be confident in his strengths, as well as your abilities as an outstanding teacher. Keep track of skills he has mastered- true tangible evidence of the progress he is making; I like to celebrate the milestones of mastered goals as well! When you see opportunities to let him know he is doing something good- tell him because when you're a kid with different abilities, it's easy to feel like you're left behind by your friends in certain skill areas...not that it's their fault. Know that little things that worry him may seem insignificant and petty to an adult…

Everyone Starts Out Somewhere

Ever wonder how you fit in to the large world which is education? Feel like a little fish swimming in a big pond?

You may notice the two pictures above look very similar. They remind me of the picture puzzles where you have two pictures and find as many mistakes on one as you can (my favorite part of my daughter's Highlight magazine each month)... but that is not what this is. This is my visual representation of my place... and yours... in the world of education; and in particular- technology in education... because in our day and age that is where education is. Not to say that great teaching doesn't happen without technology- it does, in many classes all over the world. But the reality is, technology is where we are as a society, and it is most definitely where are students are as a generation. I can't count the number of times I have heard, "Meet your students where they are." Well... this is it. 
With that said, it seems there is much to be learned these days ab…

Mrs. Diamond's QR Scavenger Hunt

QR codes seemed to be everywhere. I had heard a lot about them, seen them on clothing (Rafranz Davis' favorite!), and was only able to view information for an upcoming Mobile Mania Conference at our Region by scanning one... but I was unsure how I could use them to enhance the learning in my classroom. Although it was our first year for our district to launch BYOD, many of my fifth graders didn't have devices that had been approved for use in the classroom. And while I could have used our mobile laptop lab, my students had been asking for a scavenger hunt throughout our school. Knowing what I knew about QR codes and taking my students' recent request into consideration, I tried to come up with a plan.

About this time I discovered and all of the many cool resources they offer- all of which are free and do not require an account. Even better- they advertised a text-based QR Scavenger Hunt that wouldn't require wifi; meaning if I could round up several de…