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The World TRULY is Flat

According to Members of the Historical Association in 1945:
"The idea that educated men at the time of Columbus believed that the earth was flat, and that this belief was one of the obstacles to be overcome by Columbus before he could get his project sanctioned, remains one of the hardiest errors in teaching."[2]
And here we are in the year 2013 only to learn that, at least in educational terms, the world truly is flat.

This week I am attending my first ever ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference and Expo in San Antonio. Until February of this year I had honestly never heard of ISTE. (Sad, I know.) However, in the last few months, that I have had the awesome opportunity to see these truly innovative educators thinking about what engages our students, what drives learning, what tools and resources we can utilize in the classroom to foster learning; I've seen them grow and network and in that small moment of time- have had the opportunity to be a part of some awesome conversations- whether just following along or actually participating.

One of the topics I feel being recycled by many here this week (at least in my opinion) is making collaboration of students not just an idea, a lofty goal, or something we want to do occasionally, but truly having our students make meaningful connections with others to not only foster their learning, but also drive the questions they want answered. This idea that learning no longer takes place solely in our classrooms, but in truth holds more meaning for our students of this generation when we allow them to reach out to others and engage in meaningful dialogue, working in tandem with others- is (when you truly think about it... and are honest with where we are educationally) a total mind shift- collectively speaking.

So the in thinking about the quote found at the beginning of this post, years from now, when our own children are grown and old and educational trends and realities are both fighting for space in learning, will there be a quote somewhere in time that says,

"The idea that educated men at one time believed that the earth was round and limited to the four walls of the classroom, and that this belief was one of the obstacles to be overcome by educators everywhere before they could get their project(s) sanctioned, remains one of the hardiest errors in teaching."[3]

Source for quote:


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