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Confessions of a Reading Teacher

Yes- reading is immensely important for many reasons. Obviously the more a person reads, the more well-rounded and diverse in knowledge he/she becomes. So for this reason, I should read more. Note the word "should."

My friend has a secret love affair with book; and while I don't think that is necessarily healthy either, the fact that she is constantly expanding her knowledge base and developing her vocabulary bank of new words is impressive. She spouts titles and authors as if she is asking you to pass the salt at the lunch table. I aspire to be like her.

But I am not . Nor will I (most likely) ever be. You see- as my true confession of a reading teacher I should probably let you in on my dirty little secret- I hate to read looooong novels. (GASP!-- I know)
Don't get me wrong. I love reading, as much as the next girl; however, try as I might to read the popular titles and well-known authors, I find that I prefer online articles, periodicals, and informational text. G…